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New Johnson County Non-Emergency Number 317.346.6336 - A Daily Journal article dated January 31 - February 1, reports that there is a new non-emergency number for the police and fire department for non-life threatening emergencies.  This number is 317.346.6336.  

6 MAY, 2015
2015 Annual HOA Board Meeting - Set for Wednesday, May 6, 2015 at 7 PM at the Valle Vista Golf Club.  Your council members and a Greenwood PD representative will be there to discuss crime-fighting steps that we can take as individual homeowners, and collectively as a neighborhood using the Neighborhood Crime Watch program.  In the winter months, there have been car break-ins on Padre and Arroyo, and a brazen daylight home burglary on Monterey.  Woodgate neighborhood next to Valle Vista also had a reported garage break-in in April.  

Street Lights Not Working on Hacienda and Padre - There is an outage of two street lights on Hacienda and Padre that appears to have been caused by squirrels.  Duke Energy has been contacted by a Valle Vista HOA board member, and Duke has written a work order to fix the two lights. Temperatures need to be above 32F for them to be able to fix it.  Expecting a fix in the next few weeks, possibly early February.

Street and Culvert Repairs - The Greenwood City Engineering Division has been alerted by a Valle Vista HOA board member about street and culvert deterioration at three locations.  The Granada overflow pipe where the creek flows out of the lake has severe erosion that is undercutting the roadway.  There is also improper drainage at the Arroyo pipe crossing after that pipe was replaced.  Flooding of 18" was observed on Arroyo during a heavy rain after the repair.  To a lesser degree, the drainage on Fiesta Drive, where the lake overflows into a creek, has eroded and needs to be looked at.  These have all been reported.

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is Killing Our Ash Trees -  EAB is an exotic pest from Asia that has infected nearly all of the ash trees in Valle Vista.  The first infections started in 2011 on Fiesta Drive.  Approximately 1/3rd of homes in Valle Vista have ash trees, and from observation, about half of them appear to be unsalvageable due to EAB infection.  If you're unsure if you have ash trees, click here and here to help ID your tree.  The most visible symptom of EAB is foliage loss starting at the top.  If an ash tree has 30% or less foliage loss (as observed during summer months), the tree is salvageable; greater than 30% foliage loss, it is unsalvageable.  The best time to treat EAB is in the spring/early summer and fall, and the best treatment is an injectable insecticide called Emamectin Benzoate (sold under the brand name TreeAge).  It is a 2 yr treatment at a cost of about $13 per inch of tree diameter measured at breast height ("DBH).  Contact a commercial pesticide applicator for an accurate diagnosis and quote for treatment.  Without treatment, 100% of ash trees in an EAB-infected area, such as Valle Vista, will become infected and die.  For more information, visit the Purdue Extension Website.

5 and 19 JANUARY, 2015
Old Town Greenwood Development Plans
- There will a city council meeting on January 5 and 19 at 5:30 at the City Center, 300 South Madison, to discuss plans for Old Town Greenwood.  Some in the community would like to demolish the old town and start new, while others would like to preserve it.  This is your opportunity to get involved if you have an opinion on the matter.  Here are some useful links: Indy Start ArticleOld Town Greenwood Preservation Facebook Page

2 April, 2015

Living with Coyotes - The DNR is giving a seminar on April 2nd, 2015 at 5:30 - 7:30, at the Greenwood Public Library on living with coyotes.  Click here to register.


Aquatic Park Development - Development continues on an aquatic park at Freedom Park for a grand opening planned for Memorial Day Weekend. The aquatic park replaces the Greenwood pool, which was closed in April 2012, and will include three water slides, a lazy river, a lap pool, and a leisure pool.  It is projected to cost $13.3 million.  Here are some useful links about the water park: WTHR News about Greenwood IN Aquatic Park, Examiner Article about Greenwood Water Park


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